Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Disaster strikes

It rained so heavily all night the back of our yard including our vege garden was flooded

As the water started to recede I could see the garden was soggy but intact and undamagd


  1. Thank goodness for that! That was a lot of water.

  2. Sure was mum. Thanks for looking at my blog, my teacher will be happy.

  3. Email from my Dad

    Its time to weed a strip or two & plant some more broccoli, cabbage, cauli's - get some punnets of seedlings from the nursery.
    Then carrots, parsnips, broadbeans, peas in seeds - just follow the instructions on the packet.
    Hill up the silverbeet, fertilize the whole garden & take measurers to control the caterpillars & insects. You can get a 'green' dust or spray from the nursery.

    All the produce looks great. The apple cucumber looks huge. Hope you are enjoying the fruits of your labour!!

    Hope the water recedes soon
    Is it still raining?
    Is that where you want us to camp?!?

    love Dad and sharon

  4. What a day!!!!! think we need to get some gumboots