Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Break and Enter

Yesterday when I got home I found the chickens had broken into the vege patch

they were having a great time scratching around and eating bugs

Marilyn was doing a splendid job eating the cabbage moth grubs off the broccoli but Bob was eating the broccoli leaves just as fast

And there was another visitor


  1. Looking up your beautiful caterpillar. I'm sure I know it but the name escapes me.

    So nice to see the Princesses foraging in the garden. Of course Marilyn will only be eating pests, just as Bad Black Bob is hard wired to eat everything else. They look good, I expected to see them featherless after all the stressful weather.

  2. They are not quite featherless but they are moulting at the moment. There are feathers all over the yard and they both look a bit ratty. Plus neither of them are laying eggs because all their protein is being used to grow new feathers. The weather hasn't helped, you know how temperamental they are. Bless them. xx

  3. Agarista agricola or Joseph's Coat Moth. See here (I hope)


    Eats grape leaves. What is that your fellow is chomping on. Very pretty caterpillar and moth. Make him welcome - if Marilyn doesn't get him first.

  4. So that's where Carol saw that *&(^!! vine moth!